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It's wonderful to see you here! I assume you are in your midlife and wondering if this is all life has to offer you? You might be wondering what happened to all those dreams you had when you were a bit younger, and not so occupied with work, family, friends, etc. There probably hasn’t been a more amazing time than now to enter your Divine Midlife Awakening. Not only because you have landed in your beautiful midlife years but also because we, as a collective, are going through a planetary awakening, called The Great Awakening. This makes things more different than ever before.


I hear you! I have been wondering too if this was what life was supposed to be. Thinking I don’t want to continue like this for at least another 40 or 50 years. This cannot be why I signed up to return to planet earth! I felt the harder I worked, the more cracks started to show and I didn’t know where or how to start to “fix” this. Because that is what I had always done, just keep working harder and smarter and you will get the results you want. Only this time it felt it was my whole life. I had everything I wanted and didn’t felt fulfilled. Always wanted more or better.


I am here to tell you that as soon when I truly realised I had to go within, things started to change. I don’t believe in a midlife crisis, I believe in DIVINE MIDLIFE AWAKENINGS. .......


my philosophy

I truly believe we are meant to live a life we love. And that our heart & intuition are our inner compass, our inner guidance. By truly embracing all of our dreams, the inner nuggets, and ourselves, we are able to step into our very own Divine Awakened Version.

Live a life you love and not a life that only looks good on the outside has been one of my rules I live my life.

Love, Brigitte

kind words

Brigitte also helped me dive deep into why I was doing what I was doing and showed me how to trust in the Universe and myself. I learned who I really was during my time working with her and now have the confidence that I am definitely on the right path. I am so excited now I have a newfound confidence.

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